1995 time capsule opening on May 10, 2022

Note: audio begins at the 1-minute mark

We had a unique event for Hospital Week. In 1995, our staff buried a time capsule that was scheduled to be opened in 2020. Because of the pandemic, we postponed the opening to focus on our top priority: caring for our patients.

With lower hospitalizations and COVID-19 case numbers, we decided to open the time capsule as a part of our Hospital Week celebrations. We had a small ceremony in Foster Auditorium, where Steve Edwards (who was at the 1995 ceremony as well), Teresa Coyan and Max Buetow revealed what was inside.

It was a nostalgic walk down memory lane, with items such as VHS tapes, photographs, letters, a physical staff directory, 1995 branded clothing and more. Teams across the organization submitted content representing their areas to be included in the box.